Thursday, July 24, 2008


OK Havana did not take a nap today, I tried and I TRIED but the girl is like the Energizer bunny. I don't know how she manages to go to school, come home and play, and then just keep going until 7 at night. But she did it and would do it every day if I let her. Of course, she had her moments of tiredness, and I had my moments of well....wanting her to be napping.

But here I am at 7:15 with both girls asleep writing a post about my day and enjoying the quiet.
Now I must head down to clean up and do dishes, and you know all that normal stuff that we all just adore doing. And then maybe, just maybe I will catch up on The Closer or some My Boys, or Jon and Kate Plus 8. Or maybe, I will go to bed early myself. Yeah right. :)

PS- Can I tell everyone that I adore the girls' cool new record player I found on EBay by Crosley. This is a cool record player company, that makes other electronics too, originally from OHIO made in Louisville- just like my hubby and I.

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Vanessa said...

It makes such a difference when they take a nap! I get so much done! Hopefully the naps wil start back soon :)

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