Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009


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Well I did, I finally did it, I made something semi-homemade using one of the trillion ideas floating around in my head. These normally just stay floating around, never to be used, but I decided to try it out. My youngest sister (the craftiest of the sisters) helped with a tutorial on the clippy making and we collaborated on the t-shirt. I just scanned in an image from one of my million Golden Books lying around, printed it on the iron on paper and ironed on. Voila a masterpiece if I do say so myself. How cute is this shirt for her birthday week?

Friday, March 13, 2009

THRIFTY Ice Cream rules

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How much does this girl love Thrifty Ice Cream? A lot! And the Cotton Candy flavor rocks because not only is it delicious but it is PURPLE, PINK AND BLUE so we cover all the favorites.

I am not a BLOGGER I just have a BLOG

Which I don't even keep up. I am way too busy reading blogs, reading Tweets, tweeting, Facebooking. Blah, blah, blah. Oh and of course I forgot to mention being a mom and a working one at that.

But I love blogs, I would like to have a "real" one that people enjoy reading and visit often. Of course that would mean I would have to treat my blog like another job, and well, I already have too many of those.

So for now, I will just keep writing random, no pressure, posts about my girls and my life, and things I like. And I hope to do it more often. Sigh.

7 Quick Takes Friday:

1. This week has gone by way too fast. Baby girl turns one next week, and planning her party, getting ready for Disney FL trip and wanting to have a garage sale tomorrow is too much for one mommy to handle. Need to cancel at least one thing--- garage sale gets my vote.

2. Hubby turns 32 on Monday, yeah now we are the same age again and he doesn't get to give me hard time for being thirty two. Yippee.

3. Weather here is lovely, 70 is PERFECT. Being out with the girls, riding bikes, going to the park, and eating ice cream cones doesn't get any better.

4. Had a revelation last night walking to bed, down our dark hallway as everyone else was asleep that my life is pretty darn good- I mean almost perfect, minus the fact that we still need backyard landscape and our house is worth almost nothing. Ok moving on....

5. I am vowing to blog more, and this is my first baby step to doing that. I want to have a nice account of our day to day life for the girls to look back on. And frankly, Twitter and/or Facebook just aren't the tales they will find very interesting. :)

6. Baby is asleep right now, for her only nap of the day, and I have work to do, so this is going to be ending real soon.

7. Last one, now off to work. Being a SAHM/WFHM is HARD HARD HARD. I am on the brink of a breakdown everyday, but who else gets to be with their girls 24/7 while making a living? I shouldn't complain. OK, I will stop complaining now. I don't want to get struck down, and it is Friday the 13th after all. I am grateful (repeat 100 times).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SO I am a terrible blogger

OK how does everyone find the time to write a blog, check your emails, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, look for goodies on Ebay, or Craigslist, and NOT have your house turn into something out of a natural disaster photo shoot. I am so completely overwhelmed with daily minutia that when it comes to documenting the good stuff, like how the girls are growing and life is progressing, well I just don't. I end up watching DVR'd shows instead, relaxing on the couch with a baby on my lap. Enjoying a little peace and quiet in the dark before I head off to bed to catch what I hope will be something close to 8 hours of decent (not great) sleep.

And then you wake up in the morning to start it all over again. Wishing, and hoping that this will be the day when you get all the laundry folded AND put away, dinner made, counters wiped. You know all the good stuff.

Ok I am off to bed now. Here are a few photos of the girls, and how big and grown up they are getting. I often long for the days of being childless and carefree, but then I look at them and know I wouldn't have it any other way. Night.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School and Miss Holland turns 5 Months

Well it has been one month exactly since I last blogged. Where does the time go? And what have I been doing with it….reading too much celebrity gossip online that is for sure. The girls are getting bigger. Havana started real preschool last Monday and she is officially in school now. Although I don't really count preschool as real school, she does go everyday and is excited to go. This makes me very happy since I feel a little bit of guilt about sending her off at this young age, although I know I need the free time to get my work done. And even though I still have the little smooch around to keep me busy it is surely a whole heck of a lot easier to accomplish things with just one little sweetie around the house for a few hours of the day.

In another two weeks we leave for Cinci and we will be there for 3 weeks. Each week will be busy and different, with the first being consumed with family arrivals and prep for Holland's baptism and then the next week we will be on our own since Paw Paw will be off at The Ryder Cup with Keikee and Epoo. Then our last week there should be half normal and we can hang with the grandparents and cousins and get some quality bonding time in with everyone since our next trip to OHIO has not been pinned down yet.

Holland is 5 months old now, and scooting and moving around like crazy getting ready to crawl anytime now and then life as I know it will certainly be OVER. She is getting cuter and more smiley by the day and still continues to be such a good baby that I can't believe she and her sister are RELATED. I mean Havana was good, but not this good. Either too much time has gone by that I don't remember how Havana was, or this little doll is just that much better. Does this mean when we have #3 that he or she will be THAT much better than Holland? Probably not……who can be so lucky?!!!!

Here are a few new pics of little Miss Holland and her sis, they sure are growing up fast!!! We love them to pieces.


Thursday, July 24, 2008


OK Havana did not take a nap today, I tried and I TRIED but the girl is like the Energizer bunny. I don't know how she manages to go to school, come home and play, and then just keep going until 7 at night. But she did it and would do it every day if I let her. Of course, she had her moments of tiredness, and I had my moments of well....wanting her to be napping.

But here I am at 7:15 with both girls asleep writing a post about my day and enjoying the quiet.
Now I must head down to clean up and do dishes, and you know all that normal stuff that we all just adore doing. And then maybe, just maybe I will catch up on The Closer or some My Boys, or Jon and Kate Plus 8. Or maybe, I will go to bed early myself. Yeah right. :)

PS- Can I tell everyone that I adore the girls' cool new record player I found on EBay by Crosley. This is a cool record player company, that makes other electronics too, originally from OHIO made in Louisville- just like my hubby and I.